Do you have a question? Here are the ones we get asked the most.

When will I receive my results?

As we say at every induction for SIA courses, as soon as we receive your results we will email them to you. We do this as soon as possible after we get notified by the Awarding Organisation (AO). This usually happens two weeks after the end of your course, however delays that are outside of our control can mean that it takes longer than usual for us to be able to get them to you. Portfolio-based (non-SIA) qualifications may take a little longer due to the internal and external verification process.

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When will I receive my certificate?

Once we have received notification that you have successfully passed the qualification, your certificate is posted to us 4-5 working days after the results have been released. In the case of SIA courses, we then send it to our funding partners who process the certificate before distributing it to you. This can take several weeks and once they leave our office, we have no control over the distribution aspect.

I need my certificate to show to an employer as part of a job offer, can I have it sooner?

Unfortunately we can not issue certificates before they have been processed. If an employer is looking for proof you have passed the correct qualification to start work we are more than happy to contact them on your behalf to confirm this.

How do I apply for my SIA Licence?

Approximately 48 hours after receiving your results, the AO upload them to the SIA exam results database. Providing you have passed the necessary exams and achieved the full qualification, you may apply for a licence via the SIA website. You do not need your certificate to do this. To access the SIA Licence application page, click here. Please note that your licence application is between you and the SIA; and If queries are encountered, you will need to contact the SIA direct.

There is no longer a Contact Centre but you can call them on: 0300 123 9298. Be prepared to hold for a while before they answer!

What identification is required to enrol onto a course?

For SIA courses, the Authority have stringent identification procedures in place which all approved centres have to adhere to. You must provide us with either;

1) TWO Group A documents, including passport, driving licence, and original birth certificate or residence permit.


2) ONE Group A document, and TWO Group B documents. These include utility bills, bank statements, and council tax statements.

For the full list of acceptable documents, please click here.

For non-SIA Courses, one Group A document is required.